Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Texas winter

It was Giselle's idea jan 19 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Oh, and 5 more Lego kits and 2 more Playmobil kits entered the house this evening from the party. Good thing Paul got some bigger storage bins for his birthday too!!


I just gotta say, I LOVE the scent of the Lemon Verbena Mrs Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap. It's just so refreshing!!

Sunday, bloody Sunday

One kid sliced his finger open at the party today on the bamboo stays inside of the Mexican pinata. He and his brother got their cupcake and ice cream cup to-go.
The rest of the party stayed blood free which is actually a pretty amazing feat considering that in just our group there were 15 boys and 2 girls riding around the park on scooters, bikes, roller blades and skate boards.
Once again, the weather was in our favor for an outdoor party in the middle of January. It wasn't the 66 to 68 degrees they had promised but 63 was wonderful in the sunshine.

I need to work on the latest knitting projects (another hat for me, another washcloth, and a sample square) and finish them up so I can start on the hats for preemies that our church knitting group is starting on and a scarf for a friend so I'm outta here.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Mmmm, beaters

making the cupcakes

I'm about to start making the cupcakes. For the first time I'm going to use cake flour, wish me luck!

Friday, January 15, 2010

The pirate ship has docked

Playmobil set no 5775 with 291 pieces is now fully assembled!

I love that Playmobil instructions are so detailed that they even show how to tie the correct boating knots when putting the strings on the ship!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We got 4 foot by 2 foot drip pans to contain the dog's drips while she sleeps. They work well!
Paul got a giant Playmobil pirate ship for his birthday today. I haven't finished building it yet.
Only 14 cookies remain of the 91 baked this afternoon.
I lit 36 snake fireworks in the church parking lot after dinner tonight to the delight of a half-dozen small boys and girls.
Everyone at dinner at church tonight sang "Happy Birthday" to Paul after the opening prayer.

Paul woke up this morning and said that he had just had the greatest dream. He said he dreamed that he got a giant hug from everyone and that was the greatest gift that he could ask for. What an awesome kid! So Giselle climbed over me and gave him a giant hug. Another awesome kid!

Why I love my big oven

91 cookies baking at one time!

Birthday breakfast at Jim's

The Texas Two Step

Saturday, January 09, 2010

too cold

Paul and I spent the day inside playing Legos and Sega Genesis video games.
Giselle spent the day down in the workshop with Joe. They went out for lunch with some other people but Paul and I stayed home.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

It was fun to watch my VERY COLD dehydrated outdoor potted plants spring back to life after I poured water on the soil. See, the roots of a potted plant with dried out soil can easily be as cold as the air temperature (below freezing). BUT if the soil is damp (full of water) then the soil and the roots in it stay at the temp of the frozen water (32 degrees). This is why you can stay warm in an igloo when it's 30 below zero outside - with all of that ice, the air around you stays at 32 degrees instead of dropping lower.
Our thermometer is reading 33 right now right next to the house. Too bad that's Fahrenheit not Celsius.

Monday, January 04, 2010


Paul lost tooth number 7 during dinner tonight. Top right 2nd incisor. That's 7 teeth out and in since March plus two 6-yr-old molars since December of 08. Giselle is anxious for her top two canine teeth to come out just not before her two bottom canines finish coming in all the way.


Well, the invitation has been sent so it's time to make room for more Playmobil and Lego sets.
I'll make 6 dozen cookies to take to PE on the real birthday, another 6 dozen to take to dinner at church that night, and then the cake(?) for the party. I'm thinking cupcakes though because they're easier to serve but it's more fun for me to decorate a cake. I'll have to pour through my cookie recipes to find several that will decorate easily. I might really NEED to buy some flour this time around, instead of THINKING that I need to - I've actually used up all those packages that I kept buying every time.
Oh, and I can't forget to get to buy hot chocolate mix. I know, gross and lazy. But I've got to make enough for 13 active boys and that's the easiest way to make bulk. Wait, no it's not. It'd take just as long to boil water as it would to heat the milk and melt the chocolate. That's it, no fake hot chocolate for THIS birthday party! Assuming 2 cups per kid makes 26 cups of hot chocolate, times 8 oz per cup equals ... 208 oz ... 2 gallons of milk should do it just fine and I just so happen to have a 2 gallon Thermos beverage container.
I'll need some mini marshmallows to go with it, either that or some cans of whipped cream. Oh, I see a food fight in my future if I get the whipped cream so that's out. Do I get the old fashioned paper cups with the fold-out handles or just get the plastic cups and let the kids burn their hands?
Decisions, decisions!