Wednesday, September 23, 2009

12 reasons (of many more) to Homeschool

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1.) Have control over the material your child learns. Worldview included!

2.) Decide with your child the depth and duration of topical studies. To skim the main ideas or to delve into the deepest detail of whatever topic!

3.) Never again be a slave to the school year or the school day: go to the grocery store and the amusement park when you want to, not the same week as everyone else!

4.) Be the major influence in the shaping of your child, instead of his peer group!

5.) For the ability to take advantage of all the opportunities for interesting, character-shaping talks with your child as they arise.

6.) Delight in the fact that your children will be able to interact and converse with all age groups, not just their own.

7.) For the fact that your kids will be able to investigate "community helpers" and business owners in person, instead of through a worksheet.

8.) To know your child can answer the questions of strangers and relatives with more than a few noises or a noncommittal shrug, that they know the reasons behind decisions and how to enunciate them.

9.) For the freedom to educate the way you see fit- be it stringently organized and monitored or loosely flowing from skill to skill.

10.) For the community of similarly-believing families and the support that comes from those who understand the difficulties and joys of such a lifestyle-shaping choice.

11.) For the joy of spending each day with the children you love and observing them as they journey to adulthood.

12.) For the assurance that no other teacher could ever care more or try harder than the one your children had... you.


Coffee Bean said...

I loved homeschooling! Well... most of it. LOL!

Jamie said...

I like this list!