Monday, August 24, 2009

Still Summer Here!

Monday August 24, 2009
We got out of bed at 8, ate breakfast, Giselle cleaned her room and Paul cleaned the playroom and they played outside until 9 am. Then they came inside and started school for the day. Paul finished up about 9:45 (he was goofing off for a bit while I was outside watering plants) and Giselle got everything but her spelling done by noon. Then we packed up our pool bag and our water bottles and headed for Northwest Municipal Pool for the Annual Not-Back-To-School Homeschool Pool Party (see the picture in the post from earlier today). Giselle finished her spelling on the drive there and we stayed at the pool until 5:30. We were actually a bit disappointed with this year's Party turnout - 200 kids per the lifeguard's count - almost half the size of last year's and last year was pretty scant too. Then we stopped for dinner at Kerby Lane Cafe (pancakes for the kids) to wait out the traffic. We got home in time to play outside and do some more watering before bedtime prep and reading time.

Tomorrow we're taking Joe to Krause Springs - our pictures from going earlier this summer looked like so much fun that he wanted us to take him! We'll start school a little early at 8:30, head out at 9:30, and do some more school in the car. What she doesn't get done tomorrow she can bump to Wed if she wants.

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