Sunday, July 26, 2009

Volente Beach Water Park


Jamie said...

I'm interested to know if you think this water park is appropriate for 5 year olds. I took Kayla when she was 2 and decided I would probably never return. My friends are going this week and I'm pretty sure I don't want to waist my money. I think there will be nothing for Kayla to do there besides the Pirate ship. Is my memory failing me or do you think I'm right?

Natalie said...

With the water level so low in Lake Travis, Volente Beach is neither worth the drive nor the money. The water level in the main pool was almost a foot lower than marked (it was just over 3 feet deep instead of 4 ft). The slides had so little water running down them that you had to manually push yourself down the slide. The giant squirting fire hoses were all turned off. The sandy beach is there but the access to the lake is blocked off since the water is so far away.
I'd wait until next spring to go - after this El Nino rainy winter fills the lake back up.