Thursday, June 18, 2009

The grown up choice

When we were young 20 years ago we had a bunch of JetSkis, some hot rod some stock. Then we tired of the JetSkis and moved on to boats. We had a Glastron, a Classic, then Joe rebuilt the hull on the Classic to accommodate the ZZ4 crate motor that he put in it (that was SO great for wake boarding back in the days when it was still called 'skurfing'), then Joe got a Thoroughbred that wasn't good for water sports but it sure went fast really well. Somewhere in there I got a Bayliner to fish and ski from at 40 mph since Joe's boats didn't go slower than 50. Not long after Paul was born in our late 30's the Thoroughbred was sold and for a few years we were land-bound. Last year, after careful consideration, Joe got us back into JetSkis and SeaDoos by finding 2 of each kind in good condition. They're fun, can be shared with just about anyone, don't use much gas, are portable, are much more interactive than boats, are safe for kids with parental supervision/assistance, are relatively easy for Joe to repair, and they are FUN!

Paul passed his swimming test today and to celebrate both kids now being lake-ready, the 4 of us took the 2 SeaDoos out to Lake Austin and blasted up and down the lake for 2 hours. Giselle rode with me and Paul rode with Joe. Oh what fun it was to ride and swim together as a family! The kids didn't want to leave and on the way home were asking when we could go again.

I'm so glad that we've got the personal watercraft now instead of a boat. I'm glad that we had both skis and boats when we were young enough to have a blast with them and that we learned the easy way which was the more family-friendly option.

What fun!!

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