Friday, June 12, 2009

Build A Bear

The birthday $5 off coupon came in the mail the other week. The next week came the $12 off coupon. So we went to the mall and used both coupons. Both kids paid for the extra with their own money. On the way home we agreed to go twice a year - at birthday time. This time Giselle got Rainbow Bear and Paul got Panda Bear, now they each have 3. Paul has the Triceratops, the Longhorn Steer, and the Panda Bear. Giselle has the Pink Bear, the Curly Brown Rabbit, and the Rainbow Bear. This picture was taken on the drive home from the mall.

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Coffee Bean said...

My daughter's boyfriend took her to Build-a-Bear and they made one together and named him. He then took her out to eat and ice-skating. It was his Christmas present to her. So cute!