Sunday, May 17, 2009

busy 3 days!

Friday - 10 am knitting circle, noon test day, 2 pm get ready for party, 3:00 leave for party 25 miles out in the country, 3:30 get to party, 4 pm decide to stay at party instead of picking up Giselle at the end of the party at 6 pm, 6:55 leave the party, 7:35 get to Brownie troop meeting already in progress, 8:30 leave meeting and get dinner, 9 pm showers, 9:30 bed.

Saturday - up at 7:15 am, 8 am leave for The Market, 8:15 exactly on time for the market set-up, 11:30 am get rain poured down on at The Market, 12:15 leave Market, 12:20 get to Target but get kids into dry clothes in the car first, 1:30 leave Target, 2:30 wrap presents and make cards, 3 pm Giselle goes next door for a birthday party but Paul's asleep taking a much-needed nap, 3:30 Giselle comes home to get some Pokemon cards to trade at the party, 4 pm Joe comes home and finds that the dog has escaped and pooped in 2 bedrooms, 4:25 I finish cleaning the carpets, 4:30 Paul wakes up in time to go to the party for the last 30 min, 5:15 home from the party, TV, screaming fits about cleaning the playroom, 7:30 pm dinner, 8 pm bed.

Sunday - 8:30 am water balloons in the backyard, 9:15 scrambled eggs, 9:30 get ready for church, 10 am exactly on time for church, 11:15 am home from church, TV, bedroom cleaning, laundry, leave at 1 pm for play that 6 yr old friend has the lead roll in, 1:20 eat lunch at Taco Bell before play, 1:45 pm leave for play, 1:50 pm get to play, 2:10 pm play starts, 3 pm play over, 3:05 everyone heads next door to play in fountain play scape, 4:30 pm walk over to custard stand to get root beer floats, 5:15 get back to car and head home, 5:35 back home, TV, 7:30 pm dinner, 8 pm bed, 8:05 Thomas comes over, 9 pm kids go to bed for real.

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