Friday, April 10, 2009

'Mexico's burning' just doesn't have the same ring

The Clash - London's Calling

There's some prescribed burning going on south of Austin - some of it locally and the rest down in Mexico. My house smells like a chiminea and we like it!

From TCEQ : Friday 4/10/09 Moderate winds and low background levels should help to keep air quality in the "Good" range over most of the state. Light amounts of smoke from agricultural burning in Mexico and Central America should continue in far South Texas and could possibly raise fine particulate to "Moderate" levels.

The southern sky is all grey/green from smoke and the smell of burning leaves is very 'fall' smelling. I'm thinking that smoke levels are more like moderate rather than light.

and here's another 2 great Clash songs Train In Vain live and Lost In The Supermarket

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