Friday, April 10, 2009

Lies, I tell you, all lies

Renovation, my ***! I lived in this house when it was the original built in 1954 house - all 800 sq ft, 2 bd, 1 bath, carport, no central air or HEAT, real hardwood paneling in the giant kitchen and 2nd bedroom and no back porch of it. THIS house was built in 2008. In the GoogleMaps picture in the ad you can see the original house!

There's a virtual tour on this site

This is NOT a renovation, this is a 100% rebuild from the foundation on up!

You know what, there WAS central heat - it was one of those giant door-sized units that fit in the wall between the living room and the hallway. It was a giant hazard so we never used it for fear that the house would burn down. Oh, and it sucked all the remaining moisture out of air that was already at 20% humidity in the winter.

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Garden Gnome at Home said...

It's unfortunate but some realtors will say things that aren't true. One of the houses we sold was on the market shortly after because the buyers thought they were going to flip it. The all new cabinetry was the same only painted. All new ceramic tile was the same. I called them up on it because it was false advertising and against the real estate board policies. Then I let it go. It is now almost 2 years and that house is still sitting for sale so people can see through the claimed renos. They lied and now they are paying for it.

What I'm not quite sure of did you do the rebuild or did someone else? If you did the rebuild then say something. If it your house and you are trying to sell definitely say something!

It's a nice looking house though. I wouldn't pay that price but it still is a nice house.