Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eeyore's Birthday Party
So much fun this year! Paul didn't remember going before, even though this was his 5th time attending.
We rushed home from The Farmers Market early, changed our clothes and headed downtown for the shuttle parking lot. Once we got to the actual party at 2, first off we had to get our faces painted, all 3 of us. Then Paul entered one of the sack races. Then we went to the Kids' Activity Section where we played games and made God's Eyes. Then we walked around, ate some snow cones, walked around some, drank some beer, walked around some, pet some horses, did some hula-hooping, did some nerf-sword fighting, did some May-Poleing, did some walking around, did some drumming in a giant-sized group of drummers, walked around some, pet a donkey named Eeyore, played on the playscape, danced to some bands, ate some ice cream, got some giant tissue-paper flowers, rode the shuttle back to our car at 5:45 and started looking forward to next year!
It was Awesome!

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