Monday, March 02, 2009


3/2 - Today - school day and grocery shopping - both kids got to play at friends' houses while I did the shopping, lucky for them.

3/1 - Sunday - kite festival - we waited 1 hour for our turn to get on the shuttle to go to the festival, it took the shuttle 50 min to make the normally 10 min drive, the wind was close to non-existent so we only got our kites up 3 times, the wait for the shuttle back to our car was another 45 minutes.

2/28 - Saturday - farmers market - it was sunny, 60 degrees and windy with gusts of 35 mph but we had puppies to play with the entire time! Candy the collie had puppies with a great Pyrenees and there are 7 puppies that need new homes. They're 6 weeks old and are fuzzy and fat and adorable and super mellow. They'll be at the market every week until they're all gone so we'll be at the market from 8 am until 1:30 every week until they're all gone.

2/27 - Friday - park day - 90 degrees and sunny, what a fantastic day! Test day went great so we were at the park by 1:30, stayed until 6. Picked up a pizza and watched Toy Story 2.

2/26 - Thursday - made an awesome spinach and chicken and cheese fritata for dinner.

2/25 - Wednesday - played at our friend's house after school but there was no dinner at church since it was Ash Wednesday. Giselle rode her friend's bike - with pedals and with no training wheels - time for a new bike for her. It'll be Paul's turn this week.

2/24 - Tuesday - finally updated the blog but forgot to post about the Shrove Tuesday celebration at church. All the kids decorated their bikes and had a parade and older kids threw candy AT them. Then there was a pancake supper put on by the youth group while some of us adults manned the craft tables - I was at the mask-making table. I got two miniature bags of Target brand gummy bears - there were 8 bears in each bag, that's how miniature they were!

See, I could have drawn this out and made it 7 individual posts but I condensed it down into just this one. You're welcome.

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