Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tamale Dinner

Thomas' brother Dan is in town for the week and, in our efforts to get as many of my family members to move to Texas as possible, we had him over for a tamale dinner last night followed by Joe's guided tour of Austin in one of the convertible Cadillacs. Joe's comment before bed was along the lines of "I think we just convinced another one to make the move!"

We had the usual assortment of Oaxacan tamales from Tamaleo (pork and chicken and black bean) and some of the Costa Rican ones that Gayla made at Christmas (pork) and a few standard hot pork tamales that you can get anywhere (HEB). I also had boiled up 2 pounds of shrimp the night before, made a batch of sauteed mixed veggies, and cooked up some pork cutlets with adobo seasoning. The boys brought a 6 of Shiner Bock and we were set for a feast.
We all wish that Gayla had made a whole lot more of those Costa Rican tamales! And I'm really glad that HEB lowered the everyday price on the Goya brand Salsa Verde that we use all the time!

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