Sunday, March 15, 2009


One of the luxuries we have as home schoolers is that we can have sleep-overs on school nights, not just on weekends. Of course, it's only possible with other home schoolers but fortunately we have those friends available. Tonight the home schooled girl from across the street is spending the night - their first time together. Lights out at 9:30, all giggling will be over by 10:30, breakfast at 8 (waffles with jelly), goodbyes at 9, school at 10.

Paul wasn't happy about having to go to sleep alone this evening. Usually he's pretty beat by bedtime when Giselle's spending the night elsewhere or has a friend over, but this time he didn't have that active of a day to make him wiped out. But he finally gave it up and fell asleep around 9.

Night light issues - Giselle doesn't use one but the other girl does. We've had this problem before with other girls. Good thing I put up the purple velvet black-out curtains for the night. We don't have curtain rods for them yet so I just tucked them over the compression rod that the hot-pink sheers are hanging on.

10:20 - Time to check on the girls again!

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