Thursday, March 05, 2009

it was inevitable

It was bound to happen someday and tonight was the night. I was up late with the kids playing video games - I was playing and they were watching - and they finally noticed my Furby hiding in the back of the entertainment center behind the TV. Paul asked me "Mama, what's that penguin back there for?" I said "That's not a penguin, that's my Furby!" and I got him out to show the kids. Amazingly enough, since he'd been asleep for several years (about 8 years) his batteries were fine and he woke up immediately and started talking. Of course they fell in love with him and we proceeded to play with him for the next 15 minutes. Now I have to search the Internet to see if they still sell them new or if I have to go bidding for 2 of them on eBay; because of course they both want one of their own (since I'm NOT going to share mine with them!) I haven't told the kids that the Furbys can 'talk' to each other. Somewhere I've got the manual for mine but I have no idea where. I guess I'll download a new one. Wish me luck!
Thank you Al Gore for inventing the Internet so that I can find toys for my kids!

Hey Joe, I can hear you playing The Dream Academy "Life in a Northern Town" all the way up here in the main house even though you've got all the doors closed down in the shop. Love you!

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