Thursday, March 05, 2009

In the beginning


Sega Genesis

I still have mine and it works great! If you have old game cartridges and the manuals that go with them and you want to get rid of them please send them to me!

Paul and I were playing Cool Spot this evening while Giselle was out with Joe. Paul would play the first level and then hand me the controller to play the next several levels. We stayed up too late playing, I'm a bit of an old gamer so I have a hard time shutting it down. I'm going to have to hit eBay for some more old Sega Genesis games, maybe I'll even upgrade to... what was it called? the Sega Saturn? That's why I got a Sega back then, you could upgrade it with a plug-in instead of buying a whole new system that your old games wouldn't work on.

Joe's cranking Ace Frehley "Back in the New York Groove" from the solo album now. I'm the one that made him add that to his iTunes. That one's over, now it's "Every time I Think of You" by the Babys (or was this a John Waite solo song?).

Back to searching for Furby and Sega Genesis games.
See ya!

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