Sunday, March 08, 2009


G - "I am NOT going to bed while the sun is still out!"
P - "What in the world? It's not even dark out!"
P - "I don't wanna to go to bed! I could even stay up later than this!"
P - "But I only have to do my workbook for school tomorrow so I don't have to go to bed this early."
G - "Paul's not gettin ready, he doesn't get Pokemon cards tonight!"
P - "That's sparkles on your face, you didn't wash off the makeup before like Mama told you to!"
N - "Could y'all PLEASE put y'all's dirty clothes in the laundry basket!"
G - "Paul's botherin me while I'm tryin to get ready."
N - "Paul, get out here and sit in the middle of the living room floor until she's done gettin ready for bed! 5 - 4"
P - "I'm comin, I'm comin!"
P - "What's takin Giselle so long to get ready?"
G - "I'm ready, can I watch TV while I wait for Paul to be done?"
P - "Giselle, you're naughty."
G - "Mama, can I play on your Green Patch while I wait for Paul?" it's a facebook thing.
N - "Can I let the dog out again yet?"
N - "Sorry, y'all used up all your time. It's 7:23 and now I'm only readin one chapter."
G - "But MAMA, I was ready on time why don't I get to hear the story? It's always Paul's fault that we don't get to read Peter Pan!"

started at 7:07, ended at 7:23

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