Saturday, March 21, 2009

grillin & chillin

Paul's been begging me to grill again SOON so I told him on Thursday that we'd do it on Saturday night. He was pretty mad while leaving the park yesterday because, while he was happy to be going to our usual Friday night Asian buffet, he was unhappy that it wasn't the night to grill yet. So today at the market I made a point to get some meat from Finca Pura Vida. I told Gayla that we were grilling tonight and I had nothing thawed out. She reached into the freezer and pulled out a 2.25 pound pork steak. A half inch thick, with the 'eye' bone in it, it was magnificent looking.
So this afternoon around 4:30 I filled the grill with mesquite charcoal and set it ablaze. In addition to the grilled pork steak we roasted some potatoes in the coals (science experiment), roasted some white spring onions, and tried roasting some Italian heirloom broccoli. The pork was a little bit more done than I like it to be but everyone else had seconds. Everyone wanted more potatoes, next time we'll roast 2 for each person. The broccoli was not a success and the onions could have used some more time roasting.
Now the kids are roasting marshmallows over the coals that we dumped all the dinner scraps on top of (another science experiment). Joe had to run an errand so he told the kids to each have a marshmallow for him.
Time for a beer for me!
Oh, and we ate outdoors on the deck at the round table - a fun intimate dinner for four, five if you include the dog that stood by anxiously waiting for the smallest scap to fall from the table.

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