Tuesday, February 03, 2009

spelling words

Here's our new batch of spelling words for the next 6 months; courtesy of www.time4learning.com. And yes, that means that we'll be schooling through the summer months; albeit on a lightened work load.

1 - above fifth praise across flock ranch account finger race addition flour range
2 - advice flower ready ahead foggy regular against flute recover alert follow remain
3 - among forget remark anger fraction remind amount forth remember angry frame remove
4 - annoy freeze repair another fried return annual freight report answer frown riddle
5 - apiece froze rifle argue furniture rough apple funeral roast arguing gallery royal
6 - arithmetic garbage scale author geese scowl arose gather scarce avenue general scrap
7 - avoid genius scrape aware ghost scream award gentle scratch badge giraffe seashore
8 - basic glacier season basketball governor shallow basket glory serve battle gravy shave
9 - beast grill shear beggar grove shrimp beetle grind sheet blame growl sidewalk
10 - blank guess sideways boast hatch skate board happensimple borrow height skill
11 - bottle helpless slain branch hollow slave brain hoist slate brave honey sleet
12 - breath hope sleeve bubble hopeless smoke bridge hoping slept bucket hydrant sorry
13 - burst icicle stage calm image statue cactus ignore station canal inches steam
14 - cannon include stockings cattle insist strange careless income stole caution invent stretch
15 - celery invite strong center issue stung cellar island stump central ivory sweat
16 - century jeans swim chase judge tenth charge journal target chimney juggle terrible
17 - chose juice themselves circus kitchen thrill chute kept thirsty close lace throat
18 - cloth lack throne coach lame time clothing laid ticket coast lamp timing
19 - collar laugh title coming lecture tomorrow come least toils continue ledge toothbrush
20 - cough lettuce torch court local trace couple little tough cousin loyal tried
21 - crane manage trouble crate market turtle crash marble turkey crawl match twist
22 - craze measles unable creation middle understood cream mention understand cried midnight underwear
23 - crowd monkey unhappy dainty narrate unkind crush month unfair daily narrow unknown
24 - daughter nation unlikely death newspaper unlock deaf naughty unload decorator nineteen unlucky
25 - destroy noise untie direction north unusual device noisy until doctor notion unwilling
26 - dollar ocean use double often usual donkey offer using drank order vacation
27 - drug palm value enough pebble visitor earthquake patch vegetable equal people vocal
28 - evening pillow voyage everyone playground weave everybody plane wander everything plight whenever
29 - excuse poise which explode porch width exercise poison whole fearless portion wonder

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