Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a decent looking bathroom trashcan for under $20? I'll tell you - pretty close to impossible!!!!
AND they don't make them in pretty colors with matching sink accessories AT ALL!

So, in the sand colored bathroom with the maroon shower curtain I couldn't get a coral colored trash can because there were no matching accessories. I couldn't get the green one that looked like it that DID have matching accessories because green is not in the color scheme. On to the next, next store - Bed, Bath & way-Beyond-overpriced. There we found tons of matched sets except that they all were either really ugly, or made out of wood (Why would I want a toothbrush holder that's made out of wood?), or OMG overpriced (I am NOT going to buy a juice cup for rinsing out my mouth for $9.99!), or made out of stone (a 5-lb soap dispenser is a bit silly).
I found one set that Giselle and I both really liked, then I looked at the prices, coughed, took a deep breath and said "I am NOT going to pay $40 for a trashcan that nobody ever even sees!" Giselle said "$40 for a trashcan? That is a lot of money."
I spent another 10 minutes on another set - clear acrylic with metal bases. As I was about to walk off to make our purchase I said "Why am I going to get a clear trash can when I'm just going to put a plastic grocery bag in the thing? No, this is all wrong!" So I put it all back. Giselle saw some shiny metal ones that she liked, I told her that I wasn't willing to do the work required to keep them shiny. Finally, in my desperation to get a trashcan for that bathroom once and for all I looked through the entire section again and came across some hard plastic ones that were acceptable in appearance and price. After about 5 minutes I already didn't like them. But NEXT to them were some ones that I could be content with and I knew that Joe would love them - Dark Chocolate Brown Melamie. I got the set, well, I didn't get the soap dispenser or the Kleenex dispenser but I did get the trashcan, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and rinse cup. I also got 3 other rinse cups in the other colors - pale blue, white, pale olive green. The cups were only $3.99 each (what a sarcastic bargain, but they match the set!). I really wish that I'd been able to find a matched set in coral or maroon or something a bit brighter. Oh well, maybe someday I'll trip across some; maybe on Overstock.com or someplace.

As of my typing this, Joe still hasn't noticed them in the bathroom.

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