Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hard Tack

You would not believe how hard the gingerbread houses are! Paul's got some loose teeth and so I've been getting him to eat it to help loosen them more - THAT's how hard it is!! So today after they had some blackberry yogurt for lunch, I was wiggling Paul's bottom tooth that has the new tooth growing in behind it and we got it to break loose. The gum is still holding on to it but it's no longer attached down below. This being Paul's first tooth he was a little freaked out - he remembers how reluctant Giselle was to wiggle her own teeth out.
He eventually calmed down but he can't eat much of anything. Dinner tonight was at church for Shrove Tuesday and fortunately for Paul it was pancakes with tiny disks of sausage. When we got home he tried to eat a hard boiled egg but it hurt so much to bite into that I had to cut the rest of it up into pieces with a spoon for him to eat.
At Target the other day we bought a small blue silk covered jewelry box that we're going to use as a temporary tooth box - as soon as tomorrow night!
Goodness, the top 2 teeth are awfully wobbly too! Good thing the tooth toy box is fully stocked!!
I'll keep you posted!

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