Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The dog is doing pretty well for a 14 year old dog. She's back on an all-raw diet like she used to be before I had kids. Every morning I shred 2 small-ish carrots into her bowl, add in some crushed egg shells, cut up a 1/3 lb bone-in chicken thigh, sprinkle on some Super Food powder, add in her Proin and a fish oil capsule, stir it up and watch her inhale it in about 45 seconds. At bedtime she's getting 1/4 lb of raw ground beef and her Proin again. These last 2 days I've given her a raw chicken liver in her breakfast and she's been farty in the late evening. I'm going to continue to give the livers to her for the rest of the week and keep a nose on the gas to see if it goes away. I figure that if her system hasn't gotten used to the liver in a week then I'll take it back out.
She TOTALLY loved the cow foot I gave her the other week and she's been enjoying the beef ribs that I've given her a few times a week. This evening I heard her out there crunching on the bones some more. Tomorrow's supposed to be a nice day; I think I'll thaw her out another foot for a snack.

I hope that Joe'll be around for dinner tomorrow night - I need to cook that pork roast that's sitting in the fridge. Or maybe I'll cook it anyway and turn it into pork sandwiches. Oh yeah, Paul can't bite. Well, I'll figure out something.

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