Tuesday, February 24, 2009

buying American

As I was eating directly from the bag of frozen shelled soybeans this evening I got to reading the label. Did you realize that fresh soybeans are about 20% fat? I found it especially irritating that the Born-and-still based-in-Texas HEB Grocery store organic edamame comes from China. Why can't they grow it here and if they do then why doesn't HEB Central Market buy AMERICAN?! Don't give me the crap line that the demand is too high for the American farmers to keep up with; the stuff is stockpiled and either sold overseas or given to the 'organic' cows and pig for feed. The pollutants used to get that organic product from China to Austin TOTALLY negates the 'purity' of the product. Not to mention the fact that you pretty much can't trust ANYTHING that comes from China these days.
I feel a letter writing campaign coming on. If you feel like joining me in my efforts to let HEB know that I prefer my organic products to be grown in AMERICA, here's the information:
Mailing Address
Attention: Customer Relations Department
P.O. Box 839999
San Antonio, TX 78283-3999

Telephone Numbers
San Antonio, Texas 210-938-8357
Toll-free number 1-800 432-3113
Customer Relations office hours: Mon. - Fri., 8am - 5pm

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