Saturday, January 24, 2009

Poor Paul

My sweet, poor, little man, his top teeth are now loose and for the first time in his memory it hurts to eat. Tonight while eating spaghetti he started crying about it hurting to eat. Giselle and I had to explain to him that while his old teeth are coming out and the new teeth are coming in that it can often times be painful to eat. He insisted at first that it wasn't because his teeth were loose so I asked him to show me which one hurt. He pointed to one of his middle top teeth and I grabbed ahold of it and tried to wiggle it and it wiggled, A LOT. I swear that tooth was not at all loose earlier in the week when I posted about his molars! After that he didn't argue about it the cause of the pain.

After dinner they got ready for bed. Once Paul was all ready I had him stand in front of the mirror and wiggle his teeth with his own hand - he was pleased to feel them wiggle. I don't think those teeth are going to be attached for much longer :)

We better hurry up on that tooth box! I know that the tooth toy box is stocked and ready for him, and I guess that's the most important part for him.

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toothfairyjulie said...

Maybe he knocked it loose at the park. Rachael lost one the "normal" way and knocked the other one loose.