Saturday, January 03, 2009

another fan!

No not THAT kind; I still only have 4 official followers.
I'm talking about the ceiling fan in our kitchen. The 25 yr old tolerable fan/light combo is gone and we now have a very nice, modern, 3-bladed fan/light combo in its place. With some work, Joe converted the new lamp part from using 3 candelabra bulbs to using 2 100 wt bulbs (incandescent or cfl) so that we'll be able to actually read at the table. And after 45 min of tweaking, it's vibration free even at mach speed.

Although as I typed this I was struck by an ocular headache. I realized that with the fan at medium speed, the flickering of the shadows on the wall in front of me (behind the computer screen) was at the exact WRONG speed for my eyes and was totally messing with them. I've switched the fan to low and while the pulsing is still very noticeable in my peripheral vision, hopefully it'll be something that I won't notice when the lights aren't on. It may actually be a problem with the bulbs being cfl's or that there are 2 100 wt bulbs, not the fan speed at all. No, it's the flickering of the shadows. Sounds like a personal problem to me.

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Carla said...

Don't you love having a hubby that can (and will) do houserepairs????