Thursday, October 02, 2008

yogurt followup

The yogurt did great outside in the cooler and was still quite warm when I finally brought it inside at 8:30 pm. Yep, it sat out too long but it's yogurt so all it did was get more yogurty. See, I put it outside at what, noon? I figured that I'd bring it inside when we got back from playing at our friend's house, but I forgot that Wednesday night is church night. We went straight from our friend's to dinner at the church and then the kids had playtime and choir so we got home at about 8:15 and once the kids were getting ready for bed is when I remembered the yogurt out in the cooler. I had put a gallon-sized pitcher of hot water in the cooler with the warm yogurt for extra warmth. It tasted a little cheesy when I tried it last night while it was warm but this morning, when fully chilled, it tastes pretty good - like whole milk yogurt. Once I put the honey it I couldn't tell that it was my first try at yogurt making. But next time I may not heat the milk for quite as long as I did this time.

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Karen said...

Wow! You should post the recipe!