Monday, October 06, 2008

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We stayed at the Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo from 10 am to 4:45 pm yesterday and still didn't see everything. By the weight of the bags we were carrying you would have thought that we saw it all but no. We did very few of the actual 'events' due to the LONG lines but we learned a lot - like that only one out of every 20 people actually catch a fish in those stocked pools. Yeah, we stood in a 20 min long line for that one. Catfish in a pool. 2 other kids caught one but no one did in the prior 2 tries. I guess it's a good warmup for actual fishing - float & fish all day and don't catch much of anything. I got TONS of literature to use for Texas state education this school year.

Tomorrow we're going on a field trip with all the other hundreds of homeschoolers in town - we're going to the dump! Texas Disposal Systems doesn't usually open up to the public but they're making an exception for us and we're all jumping on it. They also have an exotic game ranch next door to the recycling/trash area that we get to tour also. They have a rhinoceros!!!

I stocked up on school books at B&N yesterday evening so we're set for the next 12 months. Thank you book stores, for recognizing that we homeschoolers deserve a 20% educator's discount also and we are happy to give our business to you.

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Carla said...

What fun! ALMOST gives me homeschooler envy (thank goodness my chance is gone:), I so admire you guys! And yea for B&N's wakeup!