Wednesday, October 08, 2008

it really is 1 am!

Hmm, let's see what we did today.
We got up at 7:30, well actually, I got up at 7:30 and the kids got up at 7:35.
The kids played for 2 hours while I made Joe breakfast and took care of some household paperwork.
The kids started school early so we could get a lot done before going on our field trip to the landfill.
The kids finished school early and started playing again so leaving for the field trip was delayed.
We finally left the house around 12:30.
We stopped by the condo to turn on the AC and the fans and flush all the toilets.
We got to the landfill at 1 and jumped on the tour bus pronto. Wow, it was a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! I was more excited about the whole thing than the kids were but I'm sure that next year they'll be a bit more psyched.
We got out of there about 2:45 and headed across town to ballet with a quick pit stop by HEB for some blueberry goat's milk yogurt for the kids for an afternoon snack.
While Giselle was at ballet, Paul and I went to get the car inspected. It passed just fine.
After ballet we dropped Giselle off at a friend's house to play for a few hours and Paul and I went home to play Chutes and Ladders and Uno until it was time to pick up Giselle.
We stuck around at her friend's house playing for another hour - her friend's mom is one of my friends and Paul is friends with their rat terrier.
I picked up some BBQ from Donn's for the kids' dinner and once they finished it was off to bed for them since it was an hour past their usual bedtime.
Then I went online and searched for cars and houses for the last 4 hours. I got some leads but nothing is finalized.
I still didn't do the dishes!
And technically, since I didn't do the sheets yet, I haven't finished the laundry from yesterday yet either.
I need to get the dog's prescription refilled too in addition to doing the grocery shopping.
good night!


Anonymous said...

hi sis,
cars and houses? thanks to "Ben", eh?

here's another great pesto recipe!
Asian Pesto
take a bunch of thai basil, peanuts, pinch of sugar, dash of fish sauce, chile paste, and peanut oil and blend in blender/food processor. finish with a squeeze of lime. freezes well. throw dollop into stir fry or noodle dishes, whatever....
fresh ginger and garlic are always good add ins too!

Natalie said...

I don't understand the first part of your comment.