Friday, October 03, 2008

Brownies - day one

The first meeting was a success! Giselle had a whole lot of fun, so much that she was wishing that she could go to the campout tomorrow night with these 'strangers' instead of the slumber birthday party at her friend's house. While I'm VERY glad that she had fun, I'm glad that she had a prior commitment and couldn't go on the campout - they're showing a PG movie that deals with issues that have not been discussed with Giselle previously. I promised her that she'd make it to the next one.

Joe's found a new show to get sucked into - Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Giselle wasn't happy about having to leave the park early (at 6:10 pm) to get to Brownies on time at 6:30; she's really enjoying her new (best) friend and didn't want to leave her. But in Brownies is one of her friends from Sunday School so now she's got so many friends that they're coming out of her ears! Not really.

If you're family or a friend that lives nearby, prepare to be hit up by her for buying nuts or a calendar for the fall fundraiser. If you're family that doesn't live nearby, prepare to get a Girl Scout calendar for Christmas.

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Carla said...

Don't you HATE when well meaning parents expose TOO much information???? I had this problem when mine were at home (still do with 17 yo, whose older brothers want to take him to R-rated movies!! THEY, however, are not well meaning:)