Saturday, September 13, 2008


Last week, the kids were given a LARGE watermelon by one of the other vendors, Mr Mckemie. Well, we finally cut into it yesterday at the park - it was too big for home consumption - and it turned out to be an orange watermelon. I sat there on my blanket with it in my lap, scooping out the insides with my Pampered Chef medium-sized scoop. All the kids were eager to eat it all up but most moms got at least one ball to sample. It was judged to be sweeter than a usual watermelon but with less 'in your face' watermelon flavor. It was nice and dense, not mealy at all, with just the right amount of big black seeds. Due to the fact that most small children don't have the BEST judgement, we did not promote any seed spitting contests. It's not like we didn't trust the 4 yr olds, we didn't trust the 1 yr olds to not pick the dirty seeds up off the ground and stick them in THEIR mouths.
Karma brought 2 big bowls of popcorn this week because she knows that we all LOVE her popcorn - her secret is that she uses coconut oil. The combination of the salty popcorn and the sweet watermelon was fantastic!

I wonder what we'll come home with from the market today. Oh, our chance of rain is down to 30%; so much for counting on Ike to water our lawn.

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