Monday, September 08, 2008

Thank You Joe!

After many years of forgetting about my love of potato salad, over the last 3 years Joe has consistently remembered to bring home a to-go container of potato salad for me from The County Line every time he eats there. If you've never had their potato salad let me describe it for you. Big chunks of potato, lots of celery, lots of onion, lots of pepper, lots of something creamy (mayonnaise?), lots of pickle relish and pickle relish juice, mustard (but not too much), and it almost seems like there is pureed hard boiled egg in there too. Most importantly, there is NO RED BELL PEPPER in it! Next to my mom's, this is by far the best potato salad I have ever had; and, having grown up in the South and living in BBQ country for 19 years, I've tried a LOT of potato salads!
Joe ate there for lunch today and brought me home a pint of it. Thank you Sir and I'll be sure to share some of it with the kids!

The potato salad that the food distributor Sysco sells is pretty excellent too even though there is a bit of red bell pepper in it. They get the rest of the ingredients correct, including the egg, so I'll cut them a bit of slack. I get that one at our local BBQ joint, Donn's Texas BBQ. I'm assuming that theirs is from Sysco since I see the truck delivering product to them and I see them scooping the potato salad out of a big plastic tub.

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Carla said...

How nice! My mom's 'secret family recipe' is Brookshire's tub-o-potato salad. Very little red stuff (I thought it was pimento?) not enough to alert the Red Bell Pepper haters! Enjoy your salad!