Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Seven #27


1 - The heat broke a bit this last month so our utility bill dropped $100, down to $250!
2 - We completed financing on the newest house a full 5 days (including the weekend) before the closing date!
3 - We upped the dosage on the dog's pee pills (Proin) and the leaking seems to have stopped!
4 - Austin is back to daily temperatures in the 90's! I really don't like the cold but I also don't like the A/C running all night.
5 - We're one step closer to finding a Brownie troop for Giselle.
6 - Joe got the two 1,000 lb steel support beams for the stairs to the second story deck up - ALL BY HIMSELF! No he's not superman, he built a crane just for the purpose of lifting the ends of the beams 14 feet into the air to attach them to the edge of the deck. After moving them out of the shop and 15 feet up a 45 degree slope. I'll post pictures some day of OUR deck project!
7 - Joe didn't give himself a hernia while moving the above mentioned 1,000 lb steel beams!

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