Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ike is no longer going to be a threat to Austin thanks to the pressure from the storm that's pounding the Mexican west coast currently.

Who would have thought that a 4.5 year old boy would have such trouble with 5 letters of the alphabet, L M N O P.

We ate dinner at church last night and afterwards Giselle tried out for the Christmas play. No parents were present but the choir leader told me that she was impressed with Giselle's reading level. No comments were given about her singing ability; although Giselle said that she was the only one trying out that wasn't already in the choir so she didn't know the song too well that they asked her to sing.

Paul and I heard some coyotes while we walked the labyrinth at the church at dusk.

Dinoland is on tap for today after we are done at our La Leche League Meeting. Our topic for today's meeting is fitting for a blog-friend, Nutrition and Weaning.

Why can't the kids throw their used Kleenex in the trash instead of leaving them on the side table next to the Kleenex box?

I was mowing the lawn with a manual push mower in a dream that I was having this morning during my extra 20 minutes in bed after the kids got up. Note to Joe: We are NOT going that green and ditching our gas-powered mower! I LOVE to mow the lawn but not THAT much! I'd be melted into a puddle of sweat halfway through the front yard.

Gotta go round up stuff for the meeting, brush my teeth and get some makeup on. See ya!

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Carla said...

Mowing the lawn in your sleep-hee hee, thats the stuff I dream of, oh yea, and the nightmare of people ACTUALLY throwing things away instead of setting it next to the trash-that happens in real life and I will know the world is actually coming to an end:) Have a great day! (and may we all just get some good gentle rain out of Ike)