Saturday, September 13, 2008


Last night I finally put Skype on my computer so that I can talk to Marie in Sweden for free. I was up late on a Friday and they were up early on a Saturday so we talked for an hour. We don't have our video feed set up yet but theirs was on (it's built-in on their Mac) so I at least got to see them and get a mini tour of the house. I felt so Space Ghost doing the whole tele-conferencing. If you've never seen Space Ghost then you need to; Brak is my favorite!
Go here for a sample of what you've been missing:

sorry but the embedding didn't work this time - it took forever to NOT load.

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Charles said...

Skype is fabulous. It's how we keep Tarzan in touch with his grandparents. And find distraction at dinner time.

Yay Skype. Get a web cam. get Joe to get you one, its fun.