Monday, September 01, 2008

It's crazy

Actually, it's not been crazy around here at all. It's been busy but certainly not crazy. We had a giant family meatfest at The Salt Lick yesterday afternoon so no one wanted dinner. We just sat around all evening nibbling on cheese and crackers while chatting and watching the kids bounce around from family member to family member. Giselle did 3 people's hair and Paul did one. Looked at some pictures from a trip to Vietnam and another person's trip to Costa Rica.

Gotta go, they've all arrived for the day's events!


Carla said...

Oh, crazy, I mean busy family visits! Love them!

Anonymous said...


Hopefully you're all nesting in a lovely bed, i trekked back to LA in one piece. Another Phoenix excursion wouldn't be the best as I am left to my own device. hah

Anyhoo- thank you for your warm hospitality! Your family is a delight, your kids are wonderful, it was nice meeting you all! Thank you for showing us around (hands down much better than the travel channel)

(i thought i would add a page hit from Los Angeles County for size, now you can track my IP address)

take care,
have a wonderful day!
-Ms. Pham (ack fourth grade teacher)