Saturday, August 30, 2008

Things happen for a reason, almost

Today when I showed up at the market, Gayla asked me if I could take her to go get some blood work done during the market. Normally I would have been able to but I had family in town that were going to come to the market with me and I WAS going to be leaving early. BUT those family members got stuck in Phoenix overnight and weren't coming in until 4 pm so I WOULD be able to take her after all!
Then, her doctor showed up and Gayla had some questions for her. It was noticed by Gayla that the wrong tests had been ordered so they rescheduled the tests for another time - next week I think. As of now, Claudia will be gone next week so she won't be taking my kids home so they'll go with us to the blood test facilities. An educational field trip!
I love homeschooling!

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