Friday, August 29, 2008

Quick update

One more family member arrives shortly - my sister Angie got here on Wednesday AM and her son gets here right now. We're actually waiting on his call to go pick him up at the airport.
Tonight 5 people will be getting off of their planes just before midnight, I'm not picking them up! We spent most of the day yesterday inside of the condo getting it ready for guests and discovering the hard way that the compressor on the air conditioner was broken. It was kind of fun since it was a great way to experience what life was like in Austin before air conditioning. Yeah, you sweat a bit more but as long as the ceiling fan was on and we had cold water to drink it was comfortable to lay around reading books and listening to the kids play the electronic keyboard all afternoon. It was nice.
gotta go!

All guests should give thanks to Joe for fixing the a/c that same afternoon so that they didn't have to sleep in those 'Austin of old' conditions!

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Carla said...

Don't care to go back to 'those days'! Enjoy your company!