Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good Wine!!

I'm finishing off a bottle of wine that we opened last week at the Big Dinner and, WOW!, it's a good wine! It's a 2006 Vouvray from Barton & Guestier made from Chenin Blanc grapes in France. See, in France a wine is referred to primarily by where it's grown, not primarily by the grapes used to make the wine. Yep, the French are like that.
I got this for $7.99 at HEB a few weeks ago or else at Sam's Club, I don't really recall which but I'm going to look through my receipts and find out because I want MORE of this. It's an excellent summer wine. The back of the bottle says "A lovely wine with floral notes, peach and pear flavors and a refreshing finish. As an aperitif or with cheeses and light desserts." But honestly, it was good with the scampi pasta last week and it's good with my raw orange bell peppers and dip.

So, be advised that this is a good wine and try to find some for yourself.

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helen said...

I must say that Vouvray wine does sound very nice Natalie. I generally stick to Californian type wines
but I do like the sound of this Vouvary you described so maybe its time for a change.