Friday, June 20, 2008

we got the call

The call DID come at 1:28 AM. Good try, she almost made it the whole night. It felt odd driving the car 500 yards at 1:30 in the morning but I wasn't going to make her walk home - that wouldn't have been very nice.
Gotta run, it's the last day of VBS and the kids are doing a musical performance at 11:30.
I already watered all the potted plants and took care of the neighbor's dog. Their dog refuses to eat the entire time that they're gone except for the treats that we bring over to her - Taco Bell leftovers, pieces of cheese, lunch meat, dog biscuits, etc. Maybe it's just that she really hates her dog food - that's what I used to think but she doesn't even eat the dog food that we bring over from our house.

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