Sunday, June 01, 2008


I didn't get the tent taken down, although I did get everything taken out of it.
I didn't do any laundry, although I did get the laundry basket out of the bedroom before I put the kids to bed.
I did get myself and the kids showered and off to church on time for the 11 am service.
I did get Giselle to do a wonderful card for our departing pastor and I included a picture of the 2 kids in it.
I did bid on and win some more Pokemon cards on eBay.
I did eat my weight in tomatoes today. Not really, but I did eat at least 5 pounds.
I did serve my kids birthday cake for breakfast today.
I did get everyone rounded up for dinner at Angel's Icehouse in a timely manner.
I did carry a sleeping Paul backwards out of the Big Blue Van.
I did get the plants out back watered (didn't get the ones in the front though).
Oh, and I did do the dishes (by hand) this afternoon.

I just feel like I got nothing done today, even after typing up this list!

To do tomorrow:
pull up the poison ivy
put Protectant 303 on the seats of the see-saw
update the TFM database
do the LLL annual reports
work on the property tax disputes
do the laundry
vacuum the house
wash the dog
produce a current cash report
fertilize the lawn
teach school
cook dinner for 6 (that's the easiest one of them all since the pork loin is already thawed out)

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