Saturday, June 07, 2008

Once again

Once again, we hook up with some friends and finally play at their house. The kids have a great time - played together for almost 11 hours - their mom and I can't seem to stop talking. And they are leaving on Friday for 6 weeks! Argh!!
Maybe the time will pass quickly.
Not quick enough for Paul - he's going through the stage that Giselle did at this age - he cries his little heart out every time we leave a friend's house. He has so much fun and likes them so much that he doesn't want to leave. Just like I said to Giselle, I tell him that it's a good thing that he had so much fun that he doesn't want to rather than him having such a miserable time that he's begging me to hurry up and take him home. Which, by the way, HAS happened at least once for each kid. I sure hope that it doesn't happen again during camp next week.

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