Monday, June 23, 2008

big dinner

Giselle wanted another big dinner tomorrow night so that's what we're doing. Please, feel free to show up if you want to 'cause there'll be plenty of 'main' food, just bring a side dish of some kind. I know that the kids would love to have some other kids here and I'll be the only girl (aside from Giselle) and I'd love the female company. Hmm, maybe I'll call up Dawn down the street and invite her over.

Here's our tentative menu:
tamales from Tamaleo - pork, chicken & black bean
fresh shrimp from the Gulf (boiled or scampi, not sure yet)
bay scallops w/ pasta (recipe from the latest issue of Everyday Food)
roasted salsa marinated pork loin
sliced cucumbers
wedged tomatoes
leftover chicken noodle salad (recipe from the latest issue of Everyday Food)
leftover macaroni & cheese w/ ground beef & mixed veggies
?Cajun catfish?
?chicken fajitas?
I'm not planning on getting a fire going in the grill since Thomas didn't say that he was bringing some of the pork medallions on sticks like last time.

Oh, I guess I should either put away the tent and air mattress from our backyard camp out or else toss them into Giselle's vacant room! I'm gonna go do that now!
See you at dinner tomorrow night!

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