Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where is the dad in all this?

Oh, Dr Laura posted an EXCELLENT piece the other day! http://www.drlaurablog.com/2008/03/13/nanny-cam-horrors/

added on Wed at 2:20pm:
The Dr Laura Show is too much for me to listen to but I enjoy her blog and her books.
In this latest nanny thing, the press was all over the nanny for flopping the 7 month old twins around like sacks of potatoes and being very careless with children that she was "hired by THE MOTHER" to look after. Dr Laura was wondering the same things that I was: Where is the father of these twins? Why isn't he taking care of them when she's at her job? If she's a single unmarried mother of twins then why hasn't she moved close to other family members to help her out with child-care? If she's a divorced mom, why isn't the dad paying enough child support that she doesn't need to work full-time to support his kids? And the big question that I'll maybe regret saying out loud - (WARNING, THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION AND IT MAY OFFEND OTHERS) If she's unmarried, then what was she thinking getting pregnant in the first place?

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