Saturday, February 09, 2008

I have no name for this one

It's 82 in the sun here, the kids are out playing on the driveway in the runoff from the sprinkler - it's been so dry this winter that I'm having to water to keep the grass alive. The Market was good and while there I picked up two birthday gifts for myself under Joe's orders - a wonderful pair of sterling silver earrings (I adore the ones I got a Christmas so much that I had to get another dangly pair), and a pink fresh-water pearl necklace that has a big pink quartz pendant on it. It's double strung and with the extender that I had Mae put on it, it hangs at the perfect length. With the small teardrop shaped pearl that came off of the first extender Mae made a cute little necklace that we'll give to Giselle for her birthday. Secret (I'm having Mae make a braclet for the little girl for her birthday that matches my necklace) Don't tell!!

Gayla had TWO QUARTS OF MILK for me today!!!!!!!!!!!! And two dozen eggs! I can eat cereal again (if I want to)!

The kids have a friend over and it sounds like they are having WAY too much fun out there so I'm gonna run.

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