Monday, January 28, 2008

We need a new vacuum cleaner

We've had a Fantom Cyclone XT for the last 7 years. This expensive (at the time) vacuum cleaner was a MAJOR upgrade from the ANCIENT Royal that we were using previously. Oh it was gross, I had to vacuum 24 hours before I had company so that the stink would be gone before the company arrived. I mean it, after using that thing the house would smell like we owned 6 very dirty golden retrievers and we only have one occasionally smelly short haired dog. Joe has always had his complaints about the Fantom but I do the vacuuming 95% of the time so his opinion gets devalued for that reason. So, the Fantom is getting old / beat up / worn out and we are looking at getting a replacement. I don't want a canister style vacuum cleaner since we primarily have carpets and have limited storage space. I'm on the fence about going back to a bagged upright or not. The bags have really improved and they ARE easier to change than emptying the bagless dirt chamber (dust bomb) but I hate having to track down bags and make sure that we always have them in stock at the house. With as much dirt and dog hair and people hair that we've got around here I'm sure that I'll go through a bag every other vacuum and that adds up in $ for bags. Consumer Reports likes the Eureka Boss and two of the Kenmores but unfortunately for me this looks like something that I'm actually going to have to drive around and shop for. We want one that had a lower profile so that we can vacuum under beds and other furniture. I'd like one with a powered hand brush attachment. We'd like one with an easier to use hose extension.
So, what do you use? Do you like it? What would you get if you were buying new right now?

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The Dairy Wife said...

Hi Natalie,

I'm cheap. I have a awesome bagless one that I got at Target. It works great and no smell.

Plus, it's yellow ... that sold me.