Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday activities

Sunday school has been cancelled until next week since all the teachers are on vacation so we didn't have church today. So instead, this morning we spent 2.5 hours at Krispy Kreme watching them make donuts. Paul said that he wants to do it every week. For the record, while we bought 1 dozen donuts (2 blueberry, 2 chocolate glazed, 2 lemon filled, 2 glazed cream filled, 2 chocolate covered cream filled, and 2 glazed covered with chocolate and green, red and white sprinkles) and got 3 freshly made glazed, we had 5 left when we left (we threw them out since we couldn't bring them home since Joe's on Atkins again).
Giselle got all of her clothes hung up in the closet and put away in the drawers. I took care of all of Paul's clothes last night before bed. Mine aren't done yet and today's laundry day again.
After taking care of her laundry, Giselle played at Grace's for 2 hours then at Jessi's for 1 while Paul helped me stuff the pinata and do the laundry. Paul, Joe and I played hide and seek for a bit while Giselle was gone.

Gotta go, I still have to do the dishes - I made Joe some poached salmon for dinner so the kitchen (whole house) smells like fish. I sprayed the house with that odor remover spray but until I actually clean that pan it's not really going to go away.

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