Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year's Eve Bubbly - Frizzo

So this year for the toast at midnight I tried a new-to-me bubbly. It's a carbonated white wine from Germany called Frizzo and it cost a mere $6.99 at HEB. It was fairly sweet but it mixed well with the left over sparkling apple juice that I got for the kids (half and half). I'm finishing the last of that mix tonight, mixed half and half with the pomegranate juice (thank you spellcheck for that one) and it tastes really good as this final mix. The Frizzo came with a twist-on/off champagne top that was perfect for resealing the unfinished bottle. It was non-vintage but there is a small 04/07 printed on the label. I'd bring it to some one's house as a good summertime sparkling wine - I think it would be good with melon or pineapple.

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