Sunday, January 27, 2008


The first Meatfest of 2008 has ended and it was a success. Only a thigh and a small breast were left, I haven't decided if the dog gets those tomorrow or not since she already ate the okra that was too spicy for the kids. The pork shoulder steak was INCREDIBLE! It was from the pig that Finca Pura Vida slaughtered back in April. The steak was striped with fat, not marbled, and boneless. We seasoned it with Lawry's Salt only and it was delicious only like pig meat can be! I could have eaten that whole 1.5 lb steak myself and that's quite a compliment coming from a former vegan. But I was nice and shared it with all the others. We used just Lawry's on the beef cutlets too, they were cube steak style, and Joe ate 2 of the 3 of those. The kids inhaled their dogs, ate some veggies, skipped the okra (too spicy) and had some pesto pasta; being sure to save room for the s'mores (Thomas came through on the Hershey's bars). Everyone had a s'more except for Mr. Atkins and then the smaller kids finished off the last few marshmallows just toasted.
I have to say that when Thomas opened the grill lid, the smell that came out of there while the meat was cooking was heavenly. I called the kids outside so that they could relish in the aroma of meat seasoned with Lawry's salt cooking over a mesquite charcoal fire. Wow!

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