Monday, January 07, 2008

Late night with Little House

Even though it was already 7:45, the kids convinced me to read a chapter of Little Town On The Prairie. That chapter was a long one and it was after 8 when I finished it. The kids were having fun playing with my hair while I was reading and I was enjoying it so I consented to another chapter. The chapter after that one was pretty short, only 5 pages front and back, so I read a third one. The NEXT chapter was only 4 pages front and back so I read a forth chapter. The fifth chapter was more than 8 pages long and it was already 8:45 so I finally closed the book after reading four chapters.
It was a really fun evening, especially since Paul was 'too tired' to finish eating his supper but he managed to stay awake for the whole reading. They really had fun with my hair and I love it when they play with it. We also have fun when I allow them to do makeup on me but we didn't do that tonight. I really enjoy reading to them and fortunately they do too.

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