Saturday, January 05, 2008

Last pictures of 2007

These are some of the last pictures that I took in 2007

This big pot of mums sits at the end of the driveway so it gets the full brunt of any frosts that come along - that's why the leaves have turned purple. I think that the green/purple leaves are a wonderful compliment to the pink/purple flowers. The ISO was 64 on Super Macro, 9mm.

I know that some folks actually pay people money to come pick these out of their trees since they believe that they kill the tree. Actually they thrive on trees that are already in decline (just like mistletoe) so if you improve the tree's health then the parasitic plants are no worry at all. Whatever, the ball moss can be really cool looking if you let it get big and flower like this one is. It's about 12 feet up in our largest crape myrtle and I'd say that it's at least 8 inches across. Lots of kids use them to make fairy houses. The ISO was 100.

I'll post some insects in a few minutes.

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