Saturday, January 05, 2008


This is the unlikely trio of teenaged spiders that got stuck in a bucket that was under the front porch light one spring evening.

One of the many damsel flies that I was tracking down at the creek this summer. The way that you can tell the difference between a damsel fly and a dragon fly is that when at rest, the dragon fly has it's wings out flat while the damsel fly has it's wings together. This was really tricky to photograph since I couldn't get my face near him so I had to hope that the camera would focus on his head and not the rest of him. This shot was as good as I could get. I would have loved to have a blowup-worthy shot of his head. Oh well, maybe next year.

Well, you can see what these damsel flies were doing, along with a few friends waiting in the wings.

Joe noticed this guy out under the front light during the summer. He was too cool to not photograph and he just stayed there for hours.

I saw this common household pest hanging around out on the church playground one Sunday this fall. I'd appreciate it if no one comments about the clothes combination of beige shirt, faded khaki shorts, olive socks and black desert boots.

This butterfly/moth/fritillary was enjoying the sprinkler on New Year's Eve along with the kids. It took a while but he finally got used to me getting close to him with the camera; so comfortable was he that he almost got himself stepped on by Paul (purely accidental).

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